Ministries of the Cathedral

Altar Servers
– All young boys ages eight and up are encouraged to assist the Priest at the Altar during Mass.  Training is offered in September at the beginning of the school year; again at the beginning of December, and at the beginning of the Lenten Season.  For inquiry, please call the Cathedral Office at 718-624-7228.

Cathedral Choir – The Cathedral Choir (adult singers) consists of members of the parish who wish to donate their time and talent to the musical enrichment of the liturgy.  The choir is currently under the direction of Father Geoffrey Abdallah, Eparchial Music Director, with the assistance of Ms. Christiane Merhej, a member of the parish.  The choir sings most major liturgies from the first Sunday of September through the last Sunday of June.  Auditions are not required, but interest should be expressed to Fr. Geoffrey Abdallah.  The ability to read Arabic/Syriac is not required.  A Junior Choir is in the process of formation for children from age 8 through 16.  Look for future notices.

– The Word of God is an essential part of our daily worship.  Lectors are trained at various times during the year (to be announced) in both English and Arabic.  If you are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Fr. Jim at 718-624-7228.

– The Ministry of Hospitality is an important element in welcoming the faithful to the Table of the Lord.  The Knights of Saint Maron, our men’s organization, serve as our head ushers.  Women and youth of the parish play an active role in ushering at special liturgies and events throughout the year.  If interested, please contact the Cathedral Office at 718-624-7228.

– The beauty and order of our historic Cathedral is maintained by the love and care of those who attend and altar by cleaning, decorating, and setting up the appointment of the various Feast and Sacraments.  Work as a Sacristan is open to all woman and men who feel called to this type of Ministry.  Please call the Cathedral Office for additional information.